What is domain name?

Domain name also called an Internet address or name, a domain is the location of a website. For example, the domain name is “google.com” points to the IP address “” (this is ip address not fixed, this is changeable). Generally, it’s easier to remember a name rather than a long IP address. A domain name contains a maximum of sixty three characters, with one character minimum.

Why can’t you permanently buy domain names? Who owns them?

There are costs for managing the internet. One of these costs is tracking who owns a domain name. The overall authority for managing domain names is ICANN. ICANN was created by the US Government but is now independent of any government. ICANN charges a small service fee each year for each domain. This funds the administrative costs of managing the internet. This fee is separate from the fee paid to the domain registrar who you buy the domain from. Domain registers have to apply to ICANN and pay a large application fee…. read more

Who can allow me to buy domain name?

  • domains.google.com
  • namecheap.com
  • godaddy.com etc.

more information coming soon 🙂