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Wedding Muhurat was Established in the year 2017 at Batamtala Baidyabati. Contact for budget friendly pre-wedding photography or wedding photography.

They treat your special day as our very own special day.

At Wedding Muhurat, They truly value the time and finances you are willing to invest in making these memories of a lifetime. They promise to make it worth the effort. They believe in crafting experiences that are unique for individual clients, giving them photographs and videos that will be a true reflection of their unique selves.

What they do ?


Weddings are a grand affair in India. It is a celebration of love and union between not just the bride and groom but also their respective families. Wedding Muhurat ensures that their day is captured as an imperishable memory for all the people involved.


Pre-wedding shoots are a fairly new concept in the wedding industry. Wedding Muhurat captures the essence of the beautiful bond shared by the bride and groom as they step into their next chapter, hand-in-hand. The shoots are done in picturesque locations to remind them of the reason they chose to be in this together.

Besides all the wedding pomp and grandeur, they also do:

Ring ceremony

These days engagement ceremonies can get as grand as the wedding itself. With families rejoicing in the spirit of the marriage, Wedding Muharat never misses a chance to capture the candid, colourful laughs and tears of joy seen on everyone’s faces.


A celebration of the marital relationship, anniversaries can be made equally special for the couple. Wedding Muhurat believes in celebrating bonds that are worth the love and smiles. We freeze those special moments in frames, just like you seize each other’s day for years.


Motherhood is a blessing, an opportunity to celebrate life and the power of women. Wedding Muhurat leaves no stone unturned in capturing those beautiful nine months in its full glory and wonder. We give it everything to make it memorable for both the mother and the baby.

Rice ceremony

From your toddler’s first steps to their first meal, Wedding Muhurat captures these candid moments with ease and finesse. We ensure that your little one has a gala time posing with her dear ones for photographs that they will cherish for a lifetime.